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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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residents in the south bay on edge after more than a dozen suspicious fires. new surveillance photos that one resident says shows the arsonist investigators are looking for. after 40 years and 20 terms, east bay representative george miller is announcing his retirement. what the congressman says are some of his biggest accomplishments. and tickets to see the 99ers and -- 9ers and seattles go on sale.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. san jose police and fire officials are working together to find an arsonist believed to be responsible for setting several fires within the past week. robert honda is live with new photos given to us by a san jose resident who he says has the arsonist on camera. robert? >> reporter: well, tori, we're here in the neighborhood. one thing becomes very obvious. the people here on san antonio street are on alert, watching vehicles very closely. and there is a lot of video surveillance. we've obtained more pictures of a person setting a fire, matching the description of the suspect. now, first we'll show you the sketch of the person drawn from witnesses of a man seen in some of the locations of the 11 confirmed arson fire, white male, 6 foote, 6'2", slender and sometimes wearing glasses. today, ktvu obtained still pictures taken from surveillance video from a house fire last friday in this
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neighborhood. the homeowner asked us not to give his address. in the pictures, you can see a man who investigators say matches the description of the suspect. he's seen coming up to the house looking around and then you can see him starting a fire on the porch. you can actually see the person still there when the smoke starts and then shorely afterwards, the flames become visible. the homeowner tell us the suspect came back three times to make sure the house was on fire. >> they hit our house and then they hit the house across the street a day or two later. seems to be pretty brazen, especially -- i do have security cameras and the attack from different aingeles is very -- angles is very frightening. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, the latest on the investigation and we'll talk to neighbors who say they are taking action on their own to find this suspect. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the san francisco fire
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department should change the promotional exam process according to a new stu audi being released today. the recommendation comes after a jury determined that the exam discriminated on candidates based on their age. last year, 15 current and retired firefighters were ordered to get $3.7 million in backpay and damages as a result of the lawsuit. but joanne hayes white has defended the exam and says the city is considering appealing the jury's verdict. the contra costa county sheriff's department is searching for two boys who escaped from a juvenile detention center in byron. the two boys are believed to be oned foot. one was last seen wearing tan pants and a blue shirt.
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today, police released a sketch reseming about a man. police say a woman was walking early thursday morning when the suspect grabbed her from behind. he forced her from behind a parked car and sexually assaulted her. during the struggle, the victim burned the left side of the suspect's face with a cigarette. the man then pulled out a handgun and threatened her but ran off. greg suhr says an off-duty officer who shot a driver during a fender-bender acted in self-defense. it happened early yesterday morning after the officer and other driver pulled off interstate 280 near bayshore boulevard. according to chief suhr, the female officer and the other driver got into a fight and the other shot the driver after he punched her. the officer is now on paid leave pending an investigation and the driver suffered minor injuries. tonight, a community task force is set to meet for the
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first time in sonoma county to discuss the use of deadly force by police. the 21-member pan. was created after 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last october. beginning tonight at 6:00, the task force will meet once a week to create procedures for reviewing officer-involved shootings and also make recommendations for community policing. new at noon -- george miller is retiring. ktvu's brian flores is live from richmond where the east bay congressman made the announcement after 40 years of service. >> reporter: george miller says in coming to this decision he says it was not an easy one to make but the right won. george miller was first elected to congress back in 1974 at the age of 29. since then, he was elected to 20 consecutive terms in office, serving for 40 years. miller says his greatest accomplishment in his established career is the passage of the affordable care
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act. he says one of the goals -- he had two goeles, ending the vietnam war, the second to have national healthcare. during the ples conference, he called -- press conference, he called it mission accomplished when the affordable care act was packed. >> i think it's important that people extend long-term employment benefit, raise the minimum wage, a bill i support on behalf of the president of the united states. further implement the affordable care act act. critical piece of legislation. >> reporter: he goes to say that he hopes to find college more affordable and to enact comprehensive immigration reform. once the year is over, he will not seek re-election. once the term is done, he will catch his breath. >> my packs are children,
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family -- passions are children, families, the environment and education connects to all of those. we'll see what that is. but we've thought about this decision. we'll talk about the future as a family. very excited and hot to go. >> reporter: now, miller is among the 50th longest serving members of congress. his father served as a state senator from 1949 until 1969. now that miller is retiring there are names who come to replace them. we just confirmed that mark desanya of concord says he will run for miller's seat. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> interesting. thank you, brian. the 49ers, back home in the bay area and already gearing up for this sunday's nfc championship game in seattle after beating the carolina panthers yesterday, 23-10. >> 9ers! >> our ktvu cameras were there at 9:00 last night as the team
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returned to their santa clara headquarters greeted by a crowd of happy crowds. as excitement builds for the weekend game in seattle, bay area 9er fans hoping to attend the game in person are facing a serious obstacle trying to get tickets. alex savidge is live in the newsroom with how the seahawks organization is picking and choosing who can buy a ticket. >> well, imagine this -- 49er fans -- or seattle, i should say, they are not rolling out the welcome mat for the 49er fans. the team will not sell tickets to anyone who lives here in california but it still looks like a lot of 9er fans will find a way to be there. century link field in seattle is already one of the toughest places in the nfl for visiting teams. but now the seahawks are taking homefield advantage to another level. it seems the team is trying to leave as many 49er fans as possible out in the cold and probably the rain.
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the seahawks are only selling face value tickets to six western states. california didn't make the cut. 49ers' fans are crying foul. >> i think it's poor sportsmanship, honestly. if you want to play that way, that's fine. i know our boys. they are gonna go in and go hard. >> that's ridiculous. why are they doing that? that's ridiculous. doesn't make any sense. the 49ers are still gonna win. what's the point? >> reporter: officially the seahawks say they are excluding california football fans to prevent ticket scalping and seattle is not the only team using the tactic. the denver broncos are doing the same thing for the afc title game. the move, though, is forcing 49ers fans to turn to sites like stub hub for tickets. it has more than 6,000 listings for the game and most of the people buying them are from california. >> it's just one of our searched for event on the site
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right now, and so i know, you know, obviously on stubhub it doesn't matter. if you are from california, you can still buy the tickets. >> the tickets are not cheap. on the low end, some are going for $400. on the high end, someone is trying to sell seats near the end zoned for $120,000. and boy, you have to be a die- hard 49ers fan to shell out that point. the stub hub representative i talked to said ticket prices should level out as we move throughout the week and closer to kickoff this sunday. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it would be nice to have a good number of 9er fans there to counter the big noise that the seahawks fans make. you can watch the nfc championship right here at ktvu. our live post-game show will air after the game. another bay area city set to discuss its water supply as
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drought concerns grow. a sunny start to the workweek. rosemary orozco will be here with just how warm some cities may get and possible record temperatures. you may have thought the federal budget deal was resolved last year. now there's new talk of a possible government shutdown. we'll tell you why.
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another government shutdown could be on the horizon. a big budget deadline is set for wednesday. justin gray is live in washington. justin, congress still doesn't have a deal? >> reporter: yeah, tori. when congress came up with this agreement to end the shutdown late last year, they didn't actually vote on a budget. now, they decided how much money to spend but not specifically how to spend it. that was supposed to happen by january 15th. right now, house senate negotiators haven't agreed on a final bill. we're talking about a massive piece of legislation, more than 1,000 pages long. we're hearing congress could be looking to pass a three-day extension to give them more time to come up with an agreement and avoid another shutdown. >> politicians are not good at a lot of things but they are very good at counting. when they saw the ratings go down from 50% to 20%, it gave them a hint that maybe their
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constituents didn't like what they did. >> reporter: steve bell there says the biggest problem could be not with the vogt but in a few weeks when there's another vote on the debt ceiling increase. he says he's hearing that some republican lawmakers waiting to make another stand which could send us into another crisis. live in washington, justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. problems with bolts on the bay bridge are racking up big bills for caltrans. this year the agency is expected to spend $10 million on monitoring the bolts according to the san francisco chronicle. that figure is expected to grow. the bolt problem first began in march when a third of the 19 rods used on the new span of the bay bridge cracked when tightened. caltrans says it still needs to assess whether other bolts on the bridge were defective and in danger of failing. happening now -- members of one of b.a.r.t.'s largest unions are voting on a new contract which could finally
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put an end to the labor dispute. all day, members of seiu are voting on the new version. contract that eliminates the costly family leave provision after b.a.r.t.'s board said it was mistakenly included in the contract. the union is expected to approve the contract. this follows a vote last week by members of atu who voted to ratify the contract. in sacramento, state lawmakers are considering legislation to ban transit strikes, 400,000 b.a.r.t. commuters were affected by strikes in july and october. republican leader bob huff has already intrope duesed a bill -- i row duesed a bill -- introduced a bill, banning comparing this to firefighters and police officers who are banned from striking because they provide an essential service. two more bay area residents have died from the flu, bringing the total number to 13. the santa clara county public health department tells us the two people who died were 62 and
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61 years of age. officials have not said when they died. the most worrisome strain this year is the h1n1 virus. doctors say they don't believe the flu will match the 2009 pandemic which killed more than 600 californians. more than 30 people have died statewide from the flu this season which early peaks in early february. as flu concerns grow, more people are rushing to get vaccinated. several bay area hospitals and pharmacies are reporting a temporary shortage. this weekend, flu shot clinics were packed. some had lines out the door, many hospitals and businesses are hoping to get more flu shot vaccines, later this week. the foster farms chicken processing plant in central california has shut down again. the agriculture department gave foster farms permission to reopen the plant in livingston, california. but yesterday, foster farms voluntarily closed the plant for a second time saying it is improving safety procedures.
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foster farms says this volunteer shutdown may continue for several days. crews in mill valley are busy repairing a broken water line which caused flooding and street closures. the pipe feeds into the living facility near camino and miller avenue. it broke around 5:30 a.m. and sent water cascading into the street. it was as high as 18 inches in some area us. the cause of the break is not yet known but there's construction being done on some old sewer pipes at the senior complex. >> the building was built 40 years ago. that's one of the reasons we're in the process of replacing sanitation lines and other things. but this is not one we planned on working on. but we will. >> the water may have damaged about ten cars. two lanes were closed but reopened about 7:30. petaluma city leaders are scheduled to meet tonight at 6:00 p.m. to discuss water conservation. the public works director will explain the current status of
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water supplies and is expected to recommend a voluntary water saving plan. some voluntary efforts include cutting back on water usage, using low showerheads and the city council is not expected to take any formal action at the meeting tonight. and in sacramento county, therely 100 -- nearly 100 members of the muslim community gathered to pray for rain. the group met at folsom lake which has been receding to new record low levels. >> we're not expecting instant results. it's our faith that god does how he wishes on the right time. >> members of the group said they were not looking for an immediate result, it did rain a little during the prayer service. the they say it was not enough and significant rainfall is needed in the next four to six weeks for some california counties to avoid a water emergency. and outside our doors this
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afternoon, no rain in sight. no rain in the forecast for the next few days. we have sunny skies overhead, a little breezy in the hills. and that is creating fire weather concerns. we'll talk about that in a moment. the other story, the warmth. you will notice unseasonably warm weather coming aur way. ridge of high pressure will be strengthening, right now giving us those breezy winds. in and around areas like name, 16 miles per hour. fairfield 13 miles per hour. in the hills very breezy and gusty. temperatures a lot warmer than 24 hours ago because of the wind. we have 57 in fairfield. 60 in napa. 66 in oakland. 64 san francisco. 66 in half moon bay. may get near a record today but it's into the next day or two as we get into tuesday, perhaps wednesday. that's when we will see some of our warmest temperatures we're
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likely to break some records due to the warmth. there is a red flag warning that will move into place, lasting for tomorrowern mooing for the hills above 1,000 feet into the east bay hills down into the diablo range. so we're very dry. we already know this. and with those dry, gusty conditions, the national weather service has decided on a red flag warning that will start tonight. for today, a little breezy in the hills. sunny weather and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 70 for santa rosa. 68 in san rafael. 68 concord. 68 antioch. around the bray, it will be a -- bay, it will be a mild one. 69 in oakland. 66 in san francisco. the oakland airport may tie a record, may break a record today because upper 60s is where the standing record remains. 60 in san jose for the afternoon. low 70s in santa cruz and gilroy you will warm to 72 this afternoon as well. the extended forecast showing you temperatures continuing to
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climb. so the warming trend as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, trailing off a little bit. with your bay area weekend always in view, we've got temperatures in the 60s as we get into the weekend. so not as warm into the weekend. but no rain. we continue with dry conditions all the way through the weekend. tori. >> all right. thank you. today is national amber alert awareness day. the program is credited with helping to safely bring home hundreds of children who have been kidnapped. when a child goes missing, the emergency system notify the public through signs, wireless systems and social media. here in california, the state system has been activated 218 times and assisted in the recovery of 255 children since it began 12 years ago. the program is named for 9-year- old amber haggerman who was kidnapped in texas in 1996 and later found murdered. voters may soon be weighing in on the warriors'
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controversial arena plan in san fr
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stocks much lower in afternoon trading after wavering all morning. this is due to caution ahead of an onslaught of corporate results as negative preannouncements keep popping up. the dow is currently down 179. the nasdaq is down 69 almost
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over 1 and a 1 1/2%. critics of the arena for the warriors are collecting signatures aimed at blocking the project. this would require voter approval for waterfront development that exceeds specific height requirements. three major projects could be affected by this. a sophomore from san jose's archbishop high school might be missing a lot of school in the next month. she's headed to the olympics in sochi, russia. over the weekend, 15-year-old polima edmunds won the silver medal at the national skating figure championship which helped her earn a spot on the olympic team. she has trained at the sharks ice since she was 4. her mother is one of her coach, from russia. today at 5:00, high winds
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and high temperatures, it's an unusual and unsentlele -- unsettling combination for this time of year. it's causing big concerns for firefighters around the bay area. we'll have live team coverage as a red flag warning takes effect tonight. you can see the san francisco flag there blowing in the wind. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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